GENERAL CONTRACTOR & PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES TO THE BOW VALLEY  Custom residential renovations, remodels, commercial improvements, and redevelopment. All of our projects are managed and organized in a highly efficient manner. We execute and complete all tasks with the utmost care and attention to detail, providing peace of mind to our clients while we transform their space. Therefore, enabling an exciting and stress-free experience as they watch the changes unfold.  We at Impact Renovations Canmore, are a general contracting company, that has been operating and producing high-quality craftsmanship in the Bow Valley and Western Canada for 20 years. We offer high-quality home renovations and dream interior remodels, all while providing a smooth and worry-free process for our customers. Formerly known as Impact Constructions, we have rebranded to Impact Renovations Canmore because, quite simply, that is what we do and where we do it. Our team is committed to total client satisfaction and this is achieved by our detailed and specific home renovation process. Our Impact Renovations Canmore team is made up of a number of different employees, whom all vary in skillsets and all take an immense amount of pride in their work. Our well-equipped team allows us to undertake projects of all sizes and complexities. In addition, the collaboration of different creative and critical minds allows us to produce phenomenal results. Our reward is then celebrating our achievements for fulfilling your impact dream home remodel and your achievements for dreaming up the renovation, in the first place.